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Dharmendra Kumar
Dhamendra Kumar (Founder & CEO)

About Dharmendra Kumar

(Founder & CEO)

Certified NLP Coach & Esoteric Architect and has been in the field of Spirituality for almost two decades now.

He has also done B.Tech and is an ENGINEER by profession however the interest in HELPING and GIVING back to the Society lead him on the path of SPIRITUALITY AND HOLISTIC PHYCOLOGY.
While on the journey of discovering his true identity he came across many instances which could have broken him like the demise of Parents in accident., but he did not stop and made those painful memories as his strength to achieve new heights in the Field of Spirituality and Healing.

He has a huge following as he has touched thousands of lives and helped them to change and become the best version of themselves by getting the benefit from ESOTERIC ARCHITECTURE Integrated with NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING.

His aim is to combine the power of Spirituality & Mind to create a ever lasting impact and let people realise their TRUE POTENTIAL.
His strong believe that there is nothing which can’t be done or achieved makes him unique among other Mind Power Trainers and Healers.

His unique philosophy of “JUST BE GLAD” has changed many lives.