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Hitesh Parmar

Hitesh Parmar

Founder & CEO

I am NLP Alchemist and Esoteric Architect as I am NLP Trainer providing NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer and NLP Master Trainer Trainings to NLP Aspirants along with advanced NLP Trainings which are no-where available in the world.

I have invented “Esoteric Architecture” where I do empower people, places and purposes – i.e. improving Health, Relationship and Wealth with help of designing and/or redesigning space with sureshot techniques which are Beyond Vastu Shastra and Beyond Feng Shui.

I wrote 6 books yet and may to come which are available on Amazon Marketplace Worldwide

  1. World’s First Beyond Midbrain Activation Train The Trainer Manual
  2. Empowering NLP
  3. Power Memory with Mind Power and NLP
  4. Entrepreneurs Army
  5. 24 x 7 x 365 attitude
  6. Kinstugi

I am also an entrepreneur and providing franchise on subjects like:

  • Beyond Midbrain Activation (18 Levels plus)
  • Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test – DMIT (5 plus tests)
  • Memory Power (25 plus courses)
My brief history:

I was born in 1973 in Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthplace Porbandar in India, grew up and studied in Gujarat, India. Studied double graduation in Civil Engineering and Architecture which is very rare education in entire world, also studied Management.
After going through daily reading two fiction and nonfiction books of 300 to 600 pages per book for more than 12 years, in 1996 decided to read only Self Help and Technical Books.

That journey added lot of hidden treasure in form of latent learning.

After becoming National Trainer and International Presenter he mastered art of bringing positive behavioral changes into his training participants.

His intention to write book is not to win any award or prize but to bring positive change inside reader’s mind which can later transform into behavior. That’s why named his company NoDuBi Learning Technologies, No stands for Know (Knowledge gathering), Du stands for Do (Applied Knowledge is Action) and Bi stands for Be (Mastery in Behavior by constant practice).

He is Master Trainer in Beyond Midbrain Activation – a concept which is much advanced than Midbrain Activation.

He has invented his own Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test which is much more advanced than normal DMIT Tests.Apart from being author he is architect, trainer, engineer, entrepreneur and professional blogger, also NLP Trainer and NLP Coach.