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Simran Vohra (Founder & CEO)

About Simran Vohra

(Founder & CEO)
Hi, For more than two decades I have been offering a number of NLP training in India. My generative learning methodology uniquely helps participants learn and practice NLP in a simple way. This helps people address and resolve their challenges effectively. I am proud to announce that my most-watched NLP videos in India and abroad are helping everyday a number of people who are looking for authentic and relevant training to address their personal and professional issues. In last two decades decades, I got an opportunity and big exposure to address and empower around one million people with NLP training in India. I have got an opportunity to design and deliver various trainings like NLP for corporate executives/managers, for students, for sales people, for couples, for senior citizens, for lawyers, for teachers/parents and for upcomoing trainers in different Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Gujarat, Kerela, Surat, Pune and Ahmedabad etc. I have been helping individuals and upcoming Indian NLP trainers (training and designing their customised training contents) NLP India.

I offer various NLP trainings like NLP Practitioner course, NLP Master Practitioner course, NLP Money/Business Workshop, NLP For Wellness, NLP trainers’ program, and customized workshops for Students, Youth, Couples, Parents, Teachers & Business people etc. I invite you to join my upcoming workshop and learn about NLP.