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Mr Alok , Indo-American Entrepreneur.

Diagnosed with Covid 19 positive and with the help of ESOTERIC ARCHITECTURE got himself cured and came COVID negative in few days time.

Er Kaushik Tank | Amreli | Gujarat | India

“My mother was suffering from B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia | B-CLL and we were on homeopathic medicine. But somehow we had to move to Allopathic Medicine and than to Chemotherapy as well. Chemotherapy has many side effects like, Hair loss, Fatigue, Burning feeling, Easy bruising & bleeding, Constipation etc. But with help of services of Esoteric Architecture we can move up to 6 doses of Chemotherapy and that too without any side effects.

Er Nilesh Khorasiya | Ahmedabad | Gujarat | India

“My cousin was suffering from Guillain Barré Syndrome and was completely bedridden with entire body under paralysis. Only eye blinks working to communicate YES or NO. Doctors were trying but nothing working. With service of Esoteric Architecture he just came out of hospital within a week and living normal life now.”

Er Ravi Tank | Ahmedabad | Gujarat | India

“I was looking for abroad study and for that thinking of Germany, Japan, Netherlands etc as I wanted to study Masters in Automobiles. But unfortunately nothing was happening. Fortunately I found Esoteric Architecture Services and asked to go to Australia for study, which I was not thinking at all as no possibility of course and job. But upon insisted I just tried and all of a sudden I found not only university to study, but found Bank Loan as well and today I am doing Masters in Automobiles in Australia. “

Lalit Bhatt ( Ex Indian Navy)

He has a daughter 10 years old whom he always thought as a special child until he realised she had some suppressed emotions since birth. With the help of NLP and Esoteric architecture now she has improved a lot and started obeying her parents and started doing things of her own.